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Hi, there! Thank you for stopping by. I knew you would come. Yes, you! How? Because when I decided to start this page I did it with the firm and clear intention to connect with people like you. You are probably ready to learn more about yourself, grow, create a life of purpose and take a Balanced Leap. So what does Balanced Leap mean? It means taking action through the balance of our body, mind and spirit.

Often, we are paralyzed by fear or unidentified patterns that stop us from making the changes we want in our life. When we pay more attention to improving these three pillars in our life, we begin to move forward, everything just “flows” and it’s easier to take action, and take that leap.  So maybe you are curious to learn more about your infinite potential or are ready to create something spectacular. Either way, welcome to the journey.

Some impressive meditation stats


In the last 10 years, the number of US adults practicing meditation has tripled.

500 Million

Is the approximate number of people who meditate globally

5 Minutes

The time you need a day to begin a meditation practice (Yes, that's it)

About me

I'm all about the intersection of science and faith...

Hi! I'm Julie Ramirez, I am so excited you are here. I am a wellness coach focused on helping others remember their true potential and guiding them through sustainable steps to achieve the change they want to see in their lives.

I am a Chopra Global certified Meditation teacher and on my way to get my Ayurveda Health certification. I believe we can train our minds to be our best ally to help us achieve the life we want. I am geek about science, research and data BUT I am also a believer of what you can't see...I know, right? The dichotomy of my life. However, I also know that whatever YOU believe is what is going to work for you.

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